If you want to upgrade your data analysis skills, which programming language should you learn?

For a growing number of people, data analysis is a central part of their job. Increased data availability, more powerful computing, and an emphasis on analytics-driven decision in business has made it a heyday for data science. According to a report from IBM , in 2015 there were 2.35 million […]

US Presidential election data: searcher intent vs. demographic polling #search

Politics aside, data from the 2016 US Presidential election illustrates that intent-driven search data “trumps” demographics-based polling data. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Source : US Presidential election data: searcher intent vs. demographic polling

Les Carnet Cartographiques #cartographie #dataviz

Avec les Carnets Cartographiques, j’entame la seconde partie de mon projet d’ouvrage. Cet appendice des Chroniques du Web contient 5 chapitres: 1) Archéologie des connaissances 2) Révélations 3) La Cartographie d’Information (ou l’alchimie quali-quantitative) 4) Cartographier la Science 5) Les écosystèmes d’innovation L’exploration du web et de ses propriétés fascinantes […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to #Data Science, Machine Learning, R, Python #outils #tuto

Originally posted on Data Science Central  : Thousands of articles and tutorials have been written about data science and machine learning. Hundreds of books, courses and conferences are available. You could spend months just figuring out what to do to get started, even to understand what data science is about. […]

10 Tools for Data Visualizing and Analysis for Business #dataviz #tools #outils

Digging through messy data and doing numerous calculations just so you can submit a report or arrive at the result of your quarterly business development can sometimes be nigh impossible. After all, we are only human, and by the time we get to the other side of our spreadsheet equation, […]