3 Video Tutorials – Portrait Retouching Tips Using #Lightroom #photo

Many of our readers use Photoshop to edits portraits, but what if all you have is Lightroom? Or you don’t know Photoshop as well? You can certainly do most of your portrait retouching using Lightroom. Here are some video tutorials that walk you through a complete edit of one portrait […]

How to Publish Images Directly to Instagram From Lightroom #tuto #photo

The Lightroom Library module offers more than just the option to organize your images. With its Publish Services, it allows uploading content to online services from within its interface. The best known Publish Services might be connections to Facebook or Flickr built into the software by Adobe. Source : How to […]

How to Correct Skin Tones Using Lightroom’s Color Curves #tuto #photo

Lightroom gives you a million and one ways to complete most photo edits. Having options is important. No two photos are alike, so no two edits are alike either. In this article, I’ll show you how to correct skin tones using Lightroom’s color curves. Source : How to Correct Skin Tones […]